Rich-Interactive-Applications (RIA) in Indonesia: Value to the Society and the Importance of an Enabling Regulatory Framework

25 Jun 2018 - 25 Jun 2018

Digitalization and disruptive technology are transforming society at an unprecedented scale and pace. The development of internet-based services such as Rich-Interactive-Application (RIA) has increasingly become the ultimate means of communication; one that is innovative, efficient, affordable, and generating economic and social benefits for consumers, businesses, and civil society at large. This digital opportunity, however is often met with challenges. In Indonesia, the development of digitalization and RIA requires a sufficient level of broadband infrastructure quality, as well as high level digital literacy. This can be difficult to attain if not supported by an enabling regulatory framework. This could potentially create hindrances for society and barriers for local SMEs and business innovators.

The study report covers two aspects of the development of RIA: (i) its value to society; exploring the economic and social impact of the utilization of RIA, and (ii) its regulatory framework; examining the regulatory environment for RIA in Indonesia, including analysis of regulatory proposal and recommendations.  This report essentially emphasizes on the economic and social impact from full utilization of digital technology, specifically RIA, and the importance of an enabling regulatory framework (i.e. unrestrictive regulations) made by policymakers in order to support digital technology and innovation growth in Indonesia.